The Friends of Barnsley Cemetery

Remembered with Honour.

Bruce Harrison, Thomas Davies, Cecil F Stainton, John T. Stones, John Shepherd, Arthur Johnson, George Gilbertson, Arthur Tilson, Frederick L Illingworth, George Jaques, Charles H Higgins, Francis Myers, Fred J King, Edmund Strawbridge, George Hydes, Walter Taylor, George Brown, George H Walker, William Brant, George A Armitage, John Thacker, George Watson, William Kelsey, Henry Padgett, Leonard Jackson, George Harrison, James Haywood, Frederick Flude, John W Cutts, Percy L Hague, John Wilford, Leonard Holt, Harry Pycock, Clarence A Capeindale, Raymond Dingle, Charles W Senior, Frank Roberts, Walter Bonson, Frank Cutts, Edward Hesford, Walter Whitworth, Peter W Atkinson, Joseph Ambler, Frank Bridge, James F Douglas, Joseph Wilson, George Ekin, Harry Collieer, Alfred Harper, John W W Howe, Bernard Wilby, Charles A W Simons, Thomas Wilkinson, Herbert Maw, Edward Jordan, Richard Ingham, Alfred McLee, Charles W Snell, Leonard Taylor, John A Ripley, James Bannon, Frank Needham, Francis Leonard, David Jones, Austin Markey, Tom H Crawshaw, Thomas W Bedford.


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Our Objectives

The aims of the Friends group are to promote the preservation, care and improvement of the Cemetery as a place of historic and ecological interest and as a burial ground.  To work with other agencies and interested parties to achieve those aims.

Who We Are

Gill Nixon                                                        Debbie Booth                                                     John Birkbeck                                                 Hazel Snow                                                     Martin Puk                                                        

Chairperson                                               Secretary                                                           Press Contact                                                   Treasurer                                             Photographer

What we do

These are some of the ways in which we are helping, raise peoples awareness about the Cemetery, the stories behind the people buried there, it's history and future.

Doing a search using our database of burials on the laptop, helping with a query from a visitor. 


Showing a school party round some of the War Graves in the Cemetery.






 Recording the Monumental Inscriptions and taking photographs, to preserve the information for the future. 



Our display at a Family History Exhibition.    

How You Can Help

Could you spare some time to promote this group and the Cemetery, and help keep some of the memories from being lost forever?

Join the group. Contact us for details and an application form, if you would like to join the group.

Research.  On the Cemetery itself and on the people buried in the Cemetery.

Donations.  If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, we would be extremely grateful. Please contact us.

Open Days. We need people to help with showing visitors round, using the database and making teas and coffees. Training will be given to enable people to show visitors round the Cemetery.

Monumental Inscriptions. One of the group’s aims is to record all the inscriptions on the stones, many of these are being lost due to the weathering of the graves and much of the information that can be found on the stones can not be found anywhere else.

Basic Maintenance and Cleaning. The group is helping Commonwealth War Graves Commision by monitoring the War Graves within the cemetery. We would also like to perform basic maintenance and restoration within the Cemetery.

If you think you can spare, even just a small amount of time, please get in touch, by visiting the "Contact Us" page.